Tuesday, July 16, 2013

No more book bags please!

It is the summer time and I am busier than ever!

Today my thoughts veered to the storage challenges we have in our class room. One of the main culprits of space are book bags. In our class rooms we do not have traditional cubbies. In the past students have stored their bags under their tables, in tubs, against the wall or on the back of the chair. All of these "solutions" resulted in a disorganized workspace for students.

A light bulb went off and I have decided to request parents to leave book bags at home! I purchased reusable grocery bags (similar to the green Publix bags) for students to bring their agenda, folder and change of clothes from home to school. These bags are eco-friendly and will fit nicely into a crate along with each student's book box.

I also found iron on decals that will cutesy them up a bit!

I cant wait to meet my next group of students and their families. It is going to be an exciting year of learning and growth. What are your thoughts on this idea?

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